Mayor Tyrone Garner proclaimed Saturday, February 12th, "Chef Annie and Tao Tao Day in KCK"

KCK community hosted a SUPRISE celebration for Chef Annie outside her restaurant to mark her 75th birthday and the 50th anniversary of Tao Tao. Chef Annie is known for feeding generations & serving up kindness to everyone who walks in the door of KCK families.

Community salute hosted by the KCK Chamber of Commerce with special guest: District Court Judge Timothy L. Dupree; Local Celebrity Chef, Jasper Mirabile; Kansas State Rep. Pam Curtis; Kan. Senator David Haley; Major Raymond Nunez, KCKPD; and Mayor/CEO Tyrone Garner, Kansas City, Kansas. Thank you to KCK Chamber of Commerce for inviting Picture Connect Multimedia sponsor the photography coverage of this event - it was an honor to be a part of this celebration.

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