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Can I just hire you...for free?  I can give you credit on my website and get exposure.

We appreciate your thoughtfulness but we also have to put food on our tables.  Unless the type of exposure you are providing us is a game-changer, we cannot be hired without exchange for monetized payment.  However, we do offer discounted services for those that qualify.

Do I have the copyright, after all, they are pictures of my face?  Do I have copyright ownership of the digital files?

No, you do not own the copyright unless rights have been purchased?  “Copyright” describes the rights given to creators for their literary and artistic works. You can read more about Copyright Laws here.  Digital photos are for personal use only.  If you must use them for commercial use, contact us for Copyright Release purchase.


Are digital downloads for free?

Web resolution (low resolution) photos are watermarked and can be downloaded for free.  If you want to remove the watermark, you must purchase the High-resolution digital downloads (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED so you have the original copies).  If you have to pay per digital download, please be kind; do not share the photos (we are all trying to make an honest living) unless it's within the immediate family/household.  

Does the gallery expire? 

Download your photos, please. Most galleries expire in one month. To retrieve old photos if still available ($25 charge), contact us. Picture Connect is not responsible for lost images after the expiration of your gallery.  Please store your images properly into a safe hard-drive (USB, CD, etc). 

How come I cannot find my photos gallery on your site?

Not all galleries are here; some are private in status (please contact the person in charge of your session or email at

How can I retrieve my password?

Some galleries are password protected. If you forget your password, please request your password HERE  or email at

We appreciate your business.



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