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College Senior Photo Session

Gallery link at the bottom of the page. The gallery is best viewed on a desktop computer.

Download. There are two download options: 1) Web-size and 2) High-Resolution Size.

Websize - used for social media, contains the Picture Connect logo.

High-Resolution Size - use for prints and social media, contains no watermark

Prints Available for Purchase.

You spent time, money, & effort for professional photos - these deserve professional prints!l For your convenience, you may place your Print orders from the gallery. Our prints are top quality, professional-grade, and fade-resistant (does not even compare to CVS quality). We can only guarantee the color and quality of prints if you purchase from us.

Gallery Expiration Date: Please download your photos within 30 days. If the gallery link no longer works, that means the gallery has expired or a password has been set-up. To request any photos once the gallery has expired, there is a $25 fee for our time to search the photos in our archives and re-upload in the gallery. Unfortunately, we can't store your photos forever in our server forever at this time due to the high cost of storage.

Request Gallery Access?

Please request you have to request access by e-mail (

Here are your photos!

1) Enter your e-mail address to enter the gallery.

2) Enter the password (request password via e-mail at

We appreciate your business. We are continuously improving our service and process. Our aim is to provide you not only with great photographs but great service.


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