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First KC Blind All-Stars Foundation 5K Run and 1 Mile Walk

First KC Blind All-Stars Foundation 5K and 1 Mile Walk

Participants gathered to take part in the very first KC Blind All-Stars Foundation 5K Run and 1 Mile Walk—all to raise funds to support the Kansas State School for the Blind (KSSB).

“The 2019 KCBAS 5K evolved from the Community Walk that has taken place at KSSB the past two years,” said John DeLeon, president of the KCBAS board. “We wanted to touch more people in the community as well as build awareness of the school’s statewide footprint. Plus, it was important that the 5K take place in the community that the school has been a cornerstone of for over 150 years.”

About the KC Blind All-Stars Foundation KC Blind All-Stars Foundation (KCBAS) is a nonprofit organization that supports the Kansas State School for the Blind. KCBAS stands by the belief that youth who are blind or visually impaired can be valuable, contributing members of their schools and communities. KCBAS provides financial support for the School for the Blind in a wide range of creative programs: Technology; Education, Employment; Entrepreneurial; Athletics & Extracurricular Activities; Music & Arts; and Skill Building.

Date: September 21, 2019 – 8:00AM

Location: Kansas School for the Blind Campus

1100 State Ave, Kansas City Kansas 66102


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