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Fairfax Industrial Association Luncheon at Giving the Basics

Giving the Basics mission is to bring dignity, health and opportunity to thrive to struggling children and adults through procurement, fulfillment and distribution of hygiene products.

Now entering its 9th year, Giving the Basics has grown by teaming with more than 140 non-profit organizations and 350 local schools to distribute personal care items in the KC area (in both Missouri and Kansas). These hygiene items immediately help low-income families with small children, students, battered women, veterans, senior citizens, former prisoners and the mentally ill. Our services provide products that allow children to attend school feeling fresh, comfortable and open to the learning environment. They help young adults address issues needed to gain employment and have an opportunity for improved health, hope and dignity. From homeless teens to single moms, veterans to recently released prisoners, Giving the Basics positively impacts members of our community from many walks of life. We serve children and families of all ethnicity and religious beliefs (excerpt from their website).

Teresa Hamilton, Executive Director of Giving the Basics, provided insight into this wonderful organization and provide a guided tour. This will also serve as an official kick-off for a collaborative donation drive in the Fairfax district.

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Fairfax Industrial Association Luncheon held at Giving the Basics

Event: Fairfax Industrial Association Monthly Luncheon

Speaker: Teresa Hamilton, Executive Director of Giving the Basics & Mayor David Alvey as guest speaker. Topic: Learn more about this grassroots organization! Kick-off for a FIA / Giving the Basics Donation Drive & Tour the facility Sponsor: Kansas Gas Location: Giving the Basics / 927 S. 7th Street, Kansas City, KS 66105


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