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Gallery Instructions

How to get into your gallery?

1) Click on your gallery link.  See yellow block on the side (desktop) or below (mobile)

2) Enter your password. If you do not have a password, please contact your organization.

3) Enter your name and e-mail. 

How do I download my images?

Web-Resolution Images

  • For single image: hover over the photo and click on download icon.
    Please note:  'Single' download by hovering over the photo are web-resolution, and not high-resolution format.

  • For all images:  click on download icon located on the upper-right hand.

High-Resolution Images - click on cart icon then select if you have a single photo or all images.  Depending on our contract agreement, a code will be provided to you in order to download high-resolution images for free.

What is the difference between Web-Resolution & High-Resolution images?

Web-Resolution images are watermarked with our logo. Size is best for social-media sharing. High-Resolution images are not watermarked.  Size is for prints or archiving.

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